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We start our Mini level tumbling at 18 months through 6 years old.  Classes start with Wee Tumble which is a Mommy-and-me style class for 18 mo-2 yrs old.  They level up into PreK tumble 3-4 years old and Kinder tumble 5-6 years old.  Curriculum includes balance, strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility, and agility.  In conjunction with the curriculum we help introduce skills to help your child take a class, work well with others, focus on their teacher, listen and take directions. We maintain a strong emphasis on safety and not moving onto a new skill until we are ready and capable. 




Acro is the combination of tumbling skills and dance and it's a performing class. Our Acro classes are offered at three different age levels; Petite 6-8 yrs, Juniors 8-11 yrs, and Teen 12-18 yrs.  Not only do we work on individual skills but we also work on partner work, formations, tumbling on counts, and supported lifts.  This is the class where you can put your skills to the test and work with the rest of your group to create beautiful lines and imagery to show an audience your strength, work ethic, and drive! These classes are leveled to make sure that students are in a similar class to their skill level.





These skills classes are for our Petite, Junior, and Teen students.  It is a focused class to work on individual abilities, strength, and technique to accomplish specific skills. Students will work through flexibility, conditioning, strength, and technique.  This class is only available at our Syracuse location.  The focus of these classes is to work skills that are later added to their dance routines for groups, solos, duos, and trios. Much of dance includes tumbling elements and we want to make sure our students are prepared and knowledgeable on any given task.

Registration Information


Our "Online Regsitration" link is for new enrolling students as well as current students registering for new classes. You'll need to create a username (typically your email adress) and a password.  Please input family and student information and then remember to register for the classes you'd like to take.  Please note that when you click on a class you are automatically registered and a spot will be held for your child.  This link is also great to check your personal account page for costume, events, and financial information throughout the year.  

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