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Is your little one climbing on everything in the house? Do they run and jump everywhere you go?  Then this is the program for them. We will focus that energy into a fun and exciting class that give them a great outlet to climb and jump and run in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our three and four year olds are future obstacle course warriors.  Here we'll start with building balance, coordination, and confidence with a ninja twist! Our modified course if full of colorful, fun, and safe obstacles.   Hi-yah!




In Little Ninja we train our 5-6 year olds in body and mind just like a Ninja! With our progressive programming students are always working toward a goal!  They work on speed, agility, flexibility, balance, and strength!  Working on individual skills as well as full obstacle course training.  Unleash their energy and spirit in our colorful and safe gym areas.  We take pride in our ability to combine the athletic side with our ninja mantras that include: respect, responsibility, honor, work ethic, and confidence! We work on building and growing the whole child and give them tools for the rest of their lives! 


1 & 2



Our Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 classes are for our 7-8 and 9-11 year old students.  Taking the progressions to a whole new level! These students work on individual skills as well as obstacle course training.  Skills are leveled up and students grow and build both their athletic ability and mental awareness.  Students can take the tools that they learn in our Ninja program into any path in their life.  Learning how to be a good student, ask good questions, work hard toward a goal, be respectful to others, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and confidence in themselves that they find.  


Registration Information


Our "Online Regsitration" link is for new enrolling students as well as current students registering for new classes. You'll need to create a username (typically your email adress) and a password.  Please input family and student information and then remember to register for the classes you'd like to take.  Please note that when you click on a class you are automatically registered and a spot will be held for your child.  This link is also great to check your personal account page for costume, events, and financial information throughout the year.  

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