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Safety Guidelines

Keeping our community safe!

This waiver is digital in the registration process. You can also print the waiver here and bring in with you. We will also have copies at the studio.

Entering Procedure
Entering the studio

When entering the studio we will be asking students to line up outside on the sidewalk.  Students will be called in one at a time.  At that time they will be temperature checked with a forehead non-contact thermometer and given a pump of hand sanitizer.   All students must sign the Covid-19 waiver prior to entering the studio.  

Students are asked to only bring into the studio items that are needed. They will remove their street shoes and enter directly into the studio which will have a taped 6'x6' grid on the floor to ensure safe distancing. We respectfully ask that parents drop off/pick up or wait outside for their student.  If needed one parent can enter wearing a mask and wait in the lobby. 

Taking Class

During class we will remain socially distanced and work within the taped floor grid.  Water bottles can be brought into class and will be separated from others.  Until further notice by the state we will not be doing any connected stunts or lifts.  

Exiting the studio

At the conclusion of class; students will be dismissed one at the time to collect their things and head out for pick up.  


Before classes, in between classes, and after classes we will be thoroughly cleaning all spaces including lobby, bathroom, and studio spaces.  Barres, mats, floors, and any other items that were touched will be wiped down and cleaned.  


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