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Dance is Empowering!

Dancers have a profoundly uplifting calling. To inspire and be inspired.  They not only have a love for the endorphin rush of performing, but also for the irrefutable impact that dance training has on their mind, body, and spirit. Dance is often poignantly described as an art form that heals from the inside out. But beyond that incredible feeling, is the science! Dance has long proved to elicit feelings of happiness and connectedness. For many it centers, grounds and liberates them. Yes, dance is empowering! The mind and the immune system are thought to be intrinsically linked. Interestingly, Immunologists, neuroscientists and biochemists alike have found scientific evidence to support the positive effects on dance and healing. Dance enhances cardiovascular health, increases bone strength, improves flexibility, and refines balance.  “Dancing your heart out” is literally therapeutic!

Dancers find joy in the skill acquisition that requires diligence and discipline to truly master.  It is no easy task, but one that builds undeniable character and confidence.  They challenge the muscle of their minds and bodies regularly. Beyond honing the physical and cognitive requirements, dancers dig deep, emotionally. To allow themselves to be moved by a message and to commit to passing that feeling on to their audience. They simplify complex feelings such as empathy and grief, by analyzing and refining the messages of their craft. Conversely, they can elate and uplift an audience with unmatched power and grace.

To think that our cells are altered by a great day of stellar pirouettes is a reminder that a mindful approach to dance is best. At TSDPAC, we are just that; mindful. We believe that the experience we give our students today can effect them for many more. Call it cellular process or call it a purposeful teaching approach, we believe our time together shapes, empowers and supports our students. The underlying tone in the seed that we plant is “if you hit a wall; climb over it, crawl under it, or dance on top of it”.

At TSDPAC, we encourage our dancers to step into their gifts, to find opportunity in adversity, to choose positivity over fear, to find and embrace their passion, to show compassion over judgment, to dream big and to put in the work respectively.  This frame of thinking, teaching and modeling enables our students to advocate for themselves and others and to find power in their voice, and their choice. It holistically supports their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Want to know more about how dance, singing, acting, and tumbling translate to such a foundational skill set?  Join us at TSDPAC to feel the power of our dance and performing arts education.

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