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Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Registration is going to be different this year whether you've been with us for 8 years or are brand new to us this year--it's going to look different.  So we're here to help you make sense of it all! 

1. Start with their age.  

We determine our age groups based on the school requirement. So it's their age as of December 1, 2018. 

2. Determine their Division.

How long has your dancer been taking a specific discipline.  *We don't include Mini classes in prerequisites.  So start with how many years since they were 6 have them been taking, ex) ballet.  If you're unsure we can help you at the studio.  

3. Move Across the Row.

Once you're on the correct line you can move across the row to pick out your classes. *Just remember to adjust your line if their is the discipline that you are more experienced in. 

I've chosen my what?

Now you can visit this link to our registration portal and register your dancer!  

Our Registration Portal

Our system is so great, check out what it does! 

  • Add your family information. Address, phone, email, emergency contacts, etc...

  • Add your student.  Including any allergies or conditions we need to know about.

  • Register for all your classes.

  • Keep track of your account.  You can jump on at anytime and see payments posted or charges for tuition, merchandise, private lessons, class cards, etc....

  • Check your schedule!

  • Check your dancers attendance or measurements for an upcoming costume order.

  • Online payments are on the way!! 

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