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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

At TSDPAC we are always trying to stay as connected as possible with our dancers and their families!  With everything that we're doing at the studio I decided it was time to blog about our school, our inspirational stories, our amazing faculty, and our top notch classes!  We are very current with our Facebook and Instagram posts but that only gives you a snippet of what we do and who we are! We are #tsdpacproud and we'd like to bring you along with us! 

What will you see here?

We will be posting about upcoming events, helpful hints for registering, videos on how to do the perfect bun, maybe even give you checklists for packing your dance bag or great recipes your dancer can bring with them on class nights.  We will try to post things that matter to you and content that will help you along the way!  

Let's introduce or reintroduce you to our amazing faculty and staff. I work tirelessly to bring the best of the best into our community and this school and I want you all to know what they've all accomplished and what they continue to accomplish.  Our teachers are the beating heart of our school and I'd love for you all to know them better!  

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others" 

Our School

We'll be talking to you about everything our school has to offer.  When I decided to change our name and rebrand one thing was for certain we needed to include "Performing Arts Center" in the title.  This is who we are and who we are still striving to be.  Our goal is to offer students a place to call home whether it's to learn ballet, hip hop, or theater or anything in between.  Let us tour your through our studio show you all the amazing features our studio holds and tell you how every decision I made was based on my students and what they needed.   

We are excited about our upcoming year, everything we've been doing, are doing and hope to let you in on the details and help you anywhere we can! Welcome! 

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