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Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

That's right! We're doing "The Wizard of Oz" for our June Musical this year! Our June Musical is always such a fun time of year for us. We work with our cast with voice lessons, reading lines, dance, theater etiquette, stage directions, projection, etc... We give our students a professional experience in a fun relaxed way that will get them excited about theater while not being afraid of it! Our on stage cast ranges in age from 5-18 years old and our unofficial off stage cast is for kids of all ages! (wink!) We all come together to create a beautiful show that makes me emotional every year. What these kids can do and learn so quickly is always so amazing to watch. Even just to watch the growth that happens from coming in nervous to the audition to owning the stage on the final show! The confidence that builds and the power that it gives them to work for things in the future that may make them nervous is so worth it. These moments and shows each year have been a stair step for students of our program to build and grow as they enter other auditions and shows. Experience rules the day!

This year our production is, "The Wizard of Oz"!! It's full of well known characters, magic, and inspiring storytelling. We always try to pick a classic show, one that instills joy and warmth in everyone that performs it and watches it. This year we have so many great things going on with this program and we're excited to break it all down for you below!


- Auditions are on Saturday, April 18th.  We will be forwarding you exact times as we get closer, as well as audition information and what to expect. You will be receiving an email by March 1st with all "Audition Materials" needed including lines and songs.

- This year we are offering a section for 5 year olds! In the past we've only opened our June Musical to 6 year olds that can read a full script. But this year we are offering a section that will be working with Miss Corinne and learning the basics of theater and being an integral part of this years show.

-  We will be holding a special Voice Class for 5 week session.  They will meet every Thursday from 4:00-4:30 (can come off the Smiley Bus) and learn the music they will need for both auditions and the show.  *If you'd like to register you can find that class in our Privates/Workshops Calendar.  Starting on February 27th.  It will then prompt you to register for the rest of the class times.  If you need any help with this please contact us anytime.  

- We will have a full read-through of the script on Friday, May 8th after school.  We would like both student and parent attend this read-through.  It will help our parents understand our show and what your child may need to work on at home.  We have found it best if we are all on the same page as this show moves very quick.  

- Our first day of rehearsals is on Wednesday, May 27th.  Our Director, Miss Julia will be scheduling the cast as needed for specific scenes.  You will be receiving a "call sheet" from week to week to let you know when you're student will be needed at rehearsal.Mini's will be called only once a week to start and will progress to additional days as the show gets closer. 

- Our Show Week will be June 23rd and 24th for Dress Rehearsals and June 25th and 26th for our shows! 

- Registration is open now! Click this LINK to get registered and reserve our spot!

We hope you'll join us this season for our 5 year anniversary of our June Musical and be a part of our next amazing show at TSDPAC!!

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