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How the arts will play a vital role this back to school season.

It's back to school season and things are looking different and yet the same. Some of us are back to school full time, some part time, and others are completely virtual; but we are back in the season of learning and growing. It's such an important part of being a healthy person. Challenging ourselves, learning new things, and trying things that make you nervous. This is important at any age.

There have been years of studies that show the benefits of the arts in children and how it supports and opens up a childs mind. Not only does it benefit reading, math, and science; but also creative thinking, problem solving, and working with a team. With today's limitations it's more important than ever to immerse your child in the arts.There is an amazing article from Nord Anglia Education that has a collaboration with the Juilliard school that has a beautiful viewpoint. Bridging the gap will have an exponential amount of growth for any student.

At Tiffany's School of Dance & Performing Arts Center we believe that by giving our students a quality arts education that we will give them the tools and support to conquer anything they can dream up in their future. Our offerings include:

  • Dance: ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, and acro.

  • Tumbling: tumbling skills and motor control starting at 18 months to 18 years. As well as ninja strength and conditioning classes.

  • Voice & Piano Lessons: you can pick one or both for private lessons.

  • Drama Training: every June we put on a musical that challenges students in all aspects of theater.

We want to give our students a full performing arts education and let them grow and find their path. We will always be there for them and support their arts education.

You can see our full schedule at both Skaneateles and Syracuse Studios at this LINK.

We hope to see you at the studio!

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