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Let the countdown begin!

Today was such an exciting day. We officially closed on our new second location at 1127 Grand Ave. Syracuse! We will have 4 studios including one gym and music room! We have a lot of work to do and we can’t wait to get started...which will be tomorrow! This building will finally give us the space and schedule that we’ve always wanted to put together. The programming in this studio will be beyond compare. It will cover all areas of the performing arts as well as offer students extensive training in strength, conditioning, and technique. Our students are smart, strong, beautiful performers and we plan to give them every ounce of training that they deserve. To give them a space that supports them at the same time challenges them. Challenges them to push harder, try new things, and possibly conquer something they didn’t even know was possible. We want to be the ones that give them that foundation for anything else they want to do in their life. We want to be the anchor that keeps them focused, hardworking, and disciplined to be able to go after anything that they dream of creating or conquering. We are so much more than a dance school. We are the place that a student grows up learning the performing arts and in turn taking with them the life skills that will change their life.

This new second location not only gives us the ability to offer an amazing schedule with the best teachers in their disciplines but it also allows us to bring our award winning programming to a whole new community. To be able to share our passion with others is our true success.

Follow along with us on this journey to create our new school on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We can’t wait to see you all at the studio!

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