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Meet your new teachers!


We are pleased to welcome (from left to right): Miss Julia Shove, Miss Cara Connolly, Miss Kyra Lopiccolo, Miss Kate Bailie, and Miss Grace Beard. You can see their full bios HERE.

We are so excited to be expanding our staff this year and bringing on the teachers that we are. If you have taken class at TSDPAC; you know that our teachers are the most important thing to us and that the classes we offer are always taught at a top level. The teachers we ask to join us, love what they do, are eager to inspire, and teach to the level of the class with a goal of lifting up EVERY student in that class to a higher level. We also look for teachers who are amazing in their own disciplines but that also work well with our entire staff. We set a standard for ourselves that we want a student to come up through our programming feeling as if they've been handed off to a new teacher but picking up right where they left off. The curriculum should never have a gap or overlap. Working through our programming in the correct way is a key to success and having the right teachers to implement that is critical. Which is why we are so excited and blessed to have the staff that we do. At TSDPAC we are offering programming that no other studio in the area can compete with. From educational PreK Mini programming to Advanced Ballet and Pointe to Competitive multi discipline teams to Vocal and Piano lessons; our staff, programming, and curriculum will take your student to the next level in their dancing, confidence, empowerment, and commitment. This is what we do at TSDPAC!

You can visit this LINK to see the full bio on each teacher!

See you at the studio!


Your current teachers at TSDPAC!

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