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The Benefits Of Summer Dance

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to make some plans and keep your kids busy. Why not enroll in some summer dance classes?

Our team at Tiffany’s School of Dance and Performing Arts Center truly believes that summer classes are the perfect activity to beat the summer heat. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of enrolling in our summer programs offered at our Skaneateles, NY and Syracuse, NY locations.

Create Memories & Friendships

While school is out kids are able to focus on being kids! Summer is the best time to form new friendships and connect with those who have similar interests. Our summer dance camps offer the perfect opportunity for kids to bond over their love of dance. Does your child love Encanto? Why not have them sing their heart out at our Enchanted Encanto Camp with other dancers who love it just as much?

We have something for everyone that will spark imaginations and create beautiful friendships. Dance friendships often become lifelong friendships, so give your child the chance to find their dance bestie!

Prevent Injuries

Taking a few months off of dance in the summer can increase the chances of injury when fall dance begins again. Summer dance is the perfect way to keep the body and flexibility in check to help prevent injuries down the road. This is especially true for dancers in their preteens and older as their bodies begin to develop.

It’s important to take the time to continue stretching over the summer. Spend some time in the studio during the summer months to keep the body moving and not lose any progress that was made during the past dance season.

Prepare For Fall Enrollment

Those looking to get their little ones into dance classes can use our summer sessions as a low commitment trial. We have summer dance offerings at both our Syracuse and Skaneateles locations for added convenience. We have something for every age group. Try out a few of our camps this summer so you’re ready to make informed decisions when fall enrollment comes around!

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